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It is my pleasure to welcome you. I am the founder of the x-cultural consultancy Julia Ofner.

My name stands for high-quality authentic human & corporate solutions for x-cultural change management & transformation.  As x-cultural expert in Global Business Communication, for me, everything is communication. Actually, communication is everything. Our mission is to trigger & support growth in people & organizations. Our goal is to create flow and unblock systems globally. We want to bring out the best in people & create happy healthy cultures without borders. Are you ready to work with us? 

My Story

As a global citizen, my Austrian roots are key for grounding me. My linguistic-cultural journey began at Karl-Franzens University in Graz. I studied European Economy & English Philology. In 2005 I completed my master's in Marketing & Communication and started my international journey. 20 years of intercultural research & my burning scientific and cultural curiosity triggered my transformation from a monolinguist to a multilinguist speaking now 5 languages. Living & working in different countries for more than 20 years with base in Barcelona/Spain, has been inspiring. No doubt, becoming an authentic globaLeader has been an exciting adventure; however necessary to be effective.

For more than 10 years, global business is my main field of work. As coach, trainer & consultant, I guide & transform peak performers & teams to become more effective & aligned in their business communication, leadership, and lives. Yep, I love what I do. My personal & professional journey is driven by impact and growth. My core pillars are honesty, coherency, and passion. I absolutely enjoy inspiring people´s success & health and being part of their journeys & transformation. 

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I'm always looking for new - exciting opportunities & projects.  Let's connect and send me a mail or whap. 

You are looking for a x-cultural expert in business communication, transformation & leadership?
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