In our global competitive world with high pressure to succeed- Communication skills with impact are key. The Ofner impact method® is the solution for driving your global journey successfully. The method is based on a simplified 3 step model.  Neuro-linguistic language coaching with brain-based methods facilitates a client-tailored approach. Boost your communication & language skills, boost your success. Tailor-made programs 1:2:1 or in groups are offered online using Webex, Zoom, Skype, or Hangouts.

Flipped classrooms start Sep. 2021.

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Limiting mind-sets, past experiences

or personal characteristics determine the acquisition process. Reducing blockades is freeing your voiceMy clients increase awareness and authenticity when communicating with more self esteem, language skills improve. 

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Only a focused mind is an effective mind. The ability to focus makes the difference between success and failure. Improving your focus is develop a spotlight that shines on your goals making the most of the resources you have available to succeed. Be present.

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More engagement is the objective of communication nowadays. With a go-to-global market approach, together we design a powerful global brand, people will remember. You will be more effective, productive, your comfort will increase. 



My clients enrich awareness and cross-cultural competencies for global business communication & affairs. Enhanced communication skills for verbal, no-verbal, and emotional impact on customers/clients, peers & stakeholders are established.  


A focused mindset with higher engagement is just one of many benefits of the Ofner impact method®. Comfort, authenticity, and more self-esteem speaking up in English are guaranteed. Concise & clear messages increase security and effectiveness. No doubt, a branded professional transmits confidence and integrity when trustful relationships are needed for outstanding success. A win-win for you.