In our global & diverse VUCCA environment with high pressure to succeed- cross-cultural Leadership communication skills with impact are key. In cooperation with a global network of business & life coaches, neuroscientists, & partners in leadership Julia Ofner developed an innovative holistic method to align global teams and transform individuals & organizations to adapt quickly to the new global reality. With this multi-disciplinary method, we unblock people & systems to generate flow, agility, and productivity for high-performance leadership & high-speed Ferrari business. The holistic TCC® is the solution for driving your global journey safe & successfully: Your game-changer & change-maker for a global diverse business.
Transformational journeys for individual, team, and organizational change management are offered remotely globally / Face-to-face in Barcelona. Hybrid classrooms start Sep. 2021.

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"Limiting mind-sets, trauma, or personal characteristics determine the acquisition process. Working on blockades is freeing your voiceMy clients increase awareness and authenticity when communicating with more self-esteem and ease. 

                - Julia Ofner -

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"Only a focused mind is an effective mind. The ability to focus makes the difference between success and failure. Improving your focus is develop a spotlight that shines on your goals making the most of the resources you have available to succeed. Be present."

                - Julia Ofner -

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"More engagement is the objective of communication nowadays. With a go-to-global market approach, together we design an impactful global brand, people will remember. You will be more effective, productive, comfortable communicating around the globe."

                  - Julia Ofner -



Our international clients develop cross-cultural English communication & leadership skills
traveling global VUCCA environments more effectively. Strategic global communication, flow,

and impact are key in our remote global playground of uncertainty and constant change.

An agile & focused global mindset is just one of many benefits of the TCC®, teaching/training, coaching, and consulting high performers in the most sustainable way globally. 
Comfort, authenticity, and more self-esteem speaking up in English are guaranteed.
Concise & clear messages increase security and effectiveness. Communicating with
confidence and impact, the gamechanger for creating transversal change across
borders, cross-functional & multi-cultural teams & departments. 

Global leaders get a new toolset of soft skills to successfully travel this new global business.

Teams get transversal alignment to communicate effectively and comfortably across borders.