We offer tailor-made learning journeys to leverage cross-cultural English communication skills to speak up around the globe. 

Solution-driven & time-flexible every journey is unique. In this fast-paced global business environment our mission is to give holistic support to high achievers to communicate at peak performance. With the Ofner impact method®, a multi-disciplinary & goal-focused approach, Julia boosts your speak-up culture to the next level. 121 or group coaching journeys start with a kick-off session online followed up by an in-depth analysis in English/ Spanish or German, a check-in for smart goals. Please get in contact for your learning journey


Struggling with English, looking for a new method to improve quickly?

You want to feel more comfortable & fluent speaking?


Together we design a tailor-made program for you, filling your personal gaps in grammar, vocabulary.

The natural English pronunciation will improve your performance. Each person is different, working with th

Ofner impact method® - the tools to make you feel more secure and effective in your English communication. 

Individual Offline / Online

min 1,5h / max 3h 

The custom-fit training is designed after planning with HR dep. & group analysis/ feedback


Are you working for a global company but your English communication needs a boost?

You lack time, tired of language academies, looking for a new approach?



After a scan-analysis we design a PDP (Personal Development Plan) for your objectives. 

When branding you for global business affairs, negotiations and meetings we prioritise your needs,

I give support in all areas of communication. Fluency and impact when sending precise messages writing

e-mails, giving presentations or improved team-work, will be some of our focus areas. Real business life examples are being used. You will be more comfortable and effective in your international communication. 

Individual Offline / Online

min 1,5h / max 3h 

The custom-fit training is designed after planning with HR dep. & group analysis/ feedback


You have to give a presentation in English, Spanish, Catalan or German? 

You would like to shine and impact on your audience? 

You will learn the techniques and skills to speak up in public, together we design the best strategy for your presentation according to your objective, audience and topic. 

  • Pre-Coaching for no-verbal impact: Outfit coaching 

  • Elevator speech, start the presentation

  • Content design/ revision/ proof-reading of slides, image analysis, feedback on effectiveness

  • Oral presentation: from written content to oral impact presentation

  • How to give figures, trends and describe graphics

  • Finish the presentation

  • Answer questions with comfort

Individual Offline / Online

min 1,5h / max 3h 

The custom-fit training is designed after planning with HR dep. & group analysis/ feedback


You need English communication skills but lack time?

You are available for a whole weekend to improve quickly and effectively?

Book your PREMIUM Coaching and we design a tailor-made coaching plan for a weekend. 

English grammar, pronunciation or business needs will be addressed to become more
time-effective and productive in business communication, team management or negotiations. 

The one-to-one high speed coaching schedule (total 16h/ week-end)

Saturday: 9-14h and 15.30h-18.30h

Sunday: 9-14h and 15.30h-18.30h


You need a new professional challenge? 

Looking for an assessment coach giving you support to hunt the job? 

The assessment coaching program is aimed to unblock and focus the job hunter while increasing impact.  

An increased comfort zone, less fears are some of the benefits of this effective tailor-made program. 

  • Mindset and unblock strategies

  • Elevator speech and personal branding 

  • Oral presentation skills: Pronunciation & verbal/ non-verbal impact

  • CV, video branding, linkedin, portfolio/ web


The one-to-one coaching schedule (total 15h/ 5 sessions 3h)

The coaching can be booked online or face to face. 


Global entrepreneurship needs impact communication skills. 

You need an empowering coaching to speak up and convince investors, partners or clients? 

The Ofner impact method® for success in your own business. Impact communication, pitching & presentation skills for effective sales and investor meet-ups. This program is flexible and tailor-made according to the needs of the entrepreneur / group.

Meet your talent, live your passion, have the success you deserve.

IMPACT, Modul 3

Elevator Pitching

Impact Presentation

English Voice coaching

Outfit coaching

Feedback analysis of emotional & non-verbal impact

UNBLOCK, Modul 1
Life-purpose & Talent analysis

Core value definition

Career Planning

Creation of big picture vision Vision Boarding

Mindset analysis

FOCUS, Modul 2

Research & evaluation 

Self Marketing

Strategy and channels 

CV content/design

LinkedIn branding Networking


Presencial and online coaching. Book your success coaching package.


The tailor- made course is given in English 

Evaluation test of students (written & oral test) / Max 15 person/ Project outline (max A4 in English/ Spanish or German)



ON-THE-JOB-SUPPORT for Customer Agents.

The Feedback coach gives support in all areas of communication keeping agents motivated for increased engagement.

The PDP (Personal Development Plan) is the perfect fit for companies´employee development culture. 


  • Quicker resolution of customer cases

  • Improved contact quality

  • Increased customer satisfaction, increased loyalty

  • Higher team profitability and service efficiency

The communicative competency feedback is one-to-one, presencial/ online. 

I am bound to strict ethical guidelines and the sessions are fully confidential. 

How can we improve performance & engagement? 

Your team needs analysis, support & motivation?

Please contact me to schedule the coaching you need tomorrow. 

Help your agents to be more motivated, stay positive and professional, even with the most difficult customer. 


You have specific goals, but first you need to fight your fears? 

Your goals are related to your career, business, relationships, health or finance? 

Life gives us challenges to overcome, situations to grow as a person. ​Focused on results, you will learn that any personal development you achieve spills over into most others. We do a current life assessment with powerful questions, training and give you the opportunity to really listen to yourself and much more!

I will help you to better communicate with your inner self and the people around you.

  • Uncover fears & rid your life of the blocks of personal & professional success

  • Define your passions & motivation to create the life you desire

  • Start leading your life instead of fighting it 

  • Better connect with yourself and others

  • Become a strong decision maker ​

  • Authenticity will be your gift ​

Each person´s journey is unique & magical. 

Take your future in your hands. 

Stop suffering, start living. 


Need more details?

Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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