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GlobaLeaders are different
be authentic to be excellent

Journeys & Workshops

  • 1:1 in-person virtual & hybrid on site

  • tailor-made packages for teams

  • hands-on improving performance

  • unique & revolutionary method 

  • scientific & time-tested in business /acting

  • flexible time-management

  • English, Spanish, German 

X-cult Communication
Achieve excellence 

More than a Partner transforming cultures

Expertise & Focus areas


  • Cross-cultural communication

  • Global Impact, confidence and authenticity 

  • Neuro-linguistic Voice Coaching

  • Fluency, eloquence, and pronunciation

  • Public speaking remote/ on stage

  • X-cultural Body-language behavior

  • X-cultural code-switching 

  • inspire, engage, and influence

  • rapid change-management

  • motivation and comfort

  • improved relationship management

  • career & performance improvement

  • effective, rapid & tangible results

  • Gamechanger for global success

Support Group

Impact across borders

X-cultural Communication Coaching & Mentoring 

Transform into a GlobaLeader with impact 


Male Lecturer

Inspire across cultures

X-cultural Presentation & Public speaking Coaching  Transform into a GlobaLeader inspiring worldwide


Dancing Hands

X-cultural Communication Trainings for global teams

Become GlobaLeaders communicating effectively


Communicate authentically

Julia has been key in my professional & personal development. Her role as coach & advisor helped me to enhance my hard & soft skills.

I learnt the tools to impact in my communication and to strengthen my relationships in global business.

Eloy Rodriguez

Global Design Manager 

Roche Diabetes Care

Conocer a Julia ha sido un regalo de la vida. Es una gran profesional que sabe sacar todo el potencial de cada persona, la comunicación con ella es muy fluida y sin darte cuenta desaparecen los bloqueos con el idioma! No solo te enseña a hablar correctamente, si no lo que es más importante, a comunicar un mensaje.

Pilar Yubero

Solution Project Manager
Roche Diagnostics

Julia es una gran profesional, sabe exactamente las herramientas que necesitamos para poder crecer y mejorar en la comunicación. Para mi, sin duda, una persona con visión & empatía.

Jauma Barderi i Palau

Product Manager Oncology


Julia es una experta en comunicación verbal, no verbal y emocional que consigue desbloquear la comunicación. 

Una visión global del lenguaje que permite afrontar con éxito retos que parecían mayúsculos antes de trabajar con Julia. 

Marc Pericas i Linares

CEO & Marketing expert


Contact us

HUB Barcelona, Spain

Business Park, Sant Cugat del Valles

0034- 65 202 5 202 

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