Unblock & Transformation Coaching 

Transformation is at the core of authentic leadership which starts always with the decision to stop suffering. We can not become authentic leaders without changing patterns that keep us blocked in our relationships, work & life influencing all levels of our communication. Growth and transformation occur not by changing who we are. It is all about the unblocked courage to be who we are meant to be, developing and freeing our authentic powerful voice & self.                                                                           

"This journey is not about becoming anything. 
This journey is about un-becoming everything that is not really you.

That´s the kick-off to become more connected to yourself, life & people."  -Julia Ofner-                                                                                                     

Areas of application 

  • Repetitive patterns influencing communication (native/non-native), behaviors, relationships, business performance 

  • Conflict management & communicative barriers, non-speak-up behavior, insecurities, verbal blocks

  • Emotional stress, fear, anxiety, anger, tension, low self-esteem, weakness & powerlessness

  • Unbalanced energy patterns, extensive control patterns, high drive

  • Stress & energy, performance management

transformA® is a multi-disciplinary method for unblocking & transforming your verbal, non-verbal, and emotional communication holistically in order to improve your life in the most effective way. You will understand, unblock &  heal, and become the best version of yourself. Believe it or not,  you are the creator of your happiness, health, and success. Everything starts with the decision to give up your comfort zone of suffering. I support and guide your journey empathetically triggering personal ​development & growth to make your heavy back-back a little bit lighter and you more agile. Watch out, your life & business journey will get more comfortable, enjoyable, and successful. 


How do we unblock? 

The Unblock -Transformation Coaching is a 1:2:1 connecting body & mind work.


We build a safe environment and become aware of unconscious & toxic beliefs causing uncomfortable emotions, and behaviors. With different methods, we transform & heal patterns to enable you to design new mindsets and create the life you wish & deserve.  

The sessions are remotely, and or Face-to-face


1. Unblock-Transformation -Package: 3 sessions 90min

2. Unblock-Transformation -Package: 6 sessions 90min


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