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Do authentic Leaders botox or detox?

Updated: Jul 5

Leadership comes from inside

Julia Ofner
From inside out

The bottom line of authentic leadership

Real leadership starts within. A healthy, smart & shiny outside starts always from inside. Unfortunately, toxins are everywhere, in the food, in the air, in our furniture, in our cleaning products, cosmetics, the water, etc. We constantly consume and inhale toxins and we can not eliminate them without detoxing, clearing up our system. "Only when you cleanse the fountain you can purify the streams. So you should implement a detox routine twice a year rather than a botox practice; without judgment ;)."Authentic leadership is a holistic process of taking the right decisions for your personal and professional growth & health to develop your impact step by step. Detox your habits, people & life. Success is the sum of small efforts, the right decisions, and the courage to change.

Detox your life: clearing-out fake people, dead-end jobs, bad food, and players posing as life partners. Practise digital detox regularly.

5 signs you should detox now?

1. You feel inflated & puffy, and your body produces gases eating bread, milk, etc.

2. Your mind is not clear, you do not communicate mindfully, and overthink.

3. You do not sleep well, and suffer from anxiety.

4. You have negative thoughts, seek toxic/negative content, news, and complain etc.

5. You are highly competitive, conflictive, or aggressive.

Small changes, big impact

Spring is the perfect moment to check on your life, habits, and the products you consume for your body & mind. Some simple changes can have a significant improvement on your health, your brain performance, and your emotional state & happiness.

  1. Processed food NO, cooking YES We recommend as many bio vegetables/ fruits and food as you can afford. Don`t forget, "you are what you eat", emphasizes Julia Ofner. Check the list (short) of ingredients, and be picky about the products you give access to your house & fridge. Try to select the products carefully, and buy from outdoor markets/ farmers instead of supermarkets. However, in Aldi / Lidl they have a big Bio section, so have fun discovering new products by spending little. Cooking is key, invest time in improving this skill and make yourself happy when you enjoy homemade delicious food. "When you love eating, love cooking, become & be independent," states Julia Ofner.

  2. Take care of your endocrine system Everything that gets into contact with your body matters. The list of toxic substances that alternate your system is long and often ignored in cosmetics, drinks or cleaning products. Check your products consciously. Only when you can eat them, keep them. However, we absolutely recommend bio-cosmetic, your system will benefit.

  3. Less screen, more & better sleep On average, we spend about 7 hours exposed to a screen/per day. Not only do our eyes suffer also the quality of our sleep is influenced. Make sure that you do not use any screen 2 hours before going to bed.

  4. Home-made smoothies, juices, and teas Get a blender and start juicing. That's the moment to be creative, try out your own drinks, and implement smoothies in your breakfast or as a healthy Vitamin C booster during work or your workouts.

  5. Sweating out toxins Sauna and doing sports are the most effective ways to sweat out toxins. We recommend 1x/ week a sauna stay of 15min. Practicing 3-4 times a week sports is enough, combining cardio, muscle training, and stretching. Yes, you can, just start step by step; be kind to yourself, and celebrate your success. Strive for progress, not perfection!

Success is not the key to happiness. BUT happiness is the key to success - Julia F. Ofner-

DETOX Greeny Drink; Recipe

Get bio leaves/ herbs/ salad from the market and a blender. Wash the leaves and cut them into pieces with scissors. Then put them in the blender. Add the lemon juice, chia seeds & chili (watch out spicy). Boil for 10 min water with 1-2 pieces of ginger then add to the blender. We love ice cubs, mix. Enjoy fresh & green. Ginger and chilly are optional.


  • Green leaves: mint, parsley, rucola, salad, carrot leaves, celery leaves etc

  • 1-2 lemons

  • 2 spoons of Chia seeds

  • 1-2 glasses of water or orange juice/ ice cubs

  • Ginger

  • Chili (just in case you like spicy)

One green juice a day, keeps the doctor away.

Benefits of detoxing your life

Detoxing is letting go, changing, and implementing new habits, lifestyles. In short, change management home-made. "Becoming a leader has been a long journey of conscious change, making my life healthier and better step by step", highlights Julia Ofner.

Your body is wise, listen carefully. Trust in it. Learn from it. Nourish it. Watch your life, body and mind transfrom. Become an authentic leader: yes you can. - Julia F. Ofner -

Your Cross-cultural holistic Partner

We are your Partner for holistic solutions & education for globaLeaders. We are a team of experts in cross-cultural communication & leadership & holistic health passionate about change, impact & efficiency. JULIA OFNER stands for high-quality human & corporate solutions for x-cultural change management, transformation & healthy business. Contact us, let us work on a better tomorrow together

Thanks for Reading!

"We appreciate you reading our content & we hope you found it inspiring. For more info do not hesitate and contact us. Feel free to share this post with peers & friends. Become radiant, shine & take good care of yourself."

- Julia F. Ofner -


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