We offer you a unique multi-disciplinary method of Training.Coaching.Consulting cross-cultural English business communication for global leaders & rising leaders. The holistic TCC® method is the fusion of 3 expertise and was developed in cooperation with the world's best coaches, neuroscientists & leaders. Julia transforms and guides global high-performers with the mission to impact.lead.succeed to become the most authentic communicator. As language TRAINER/TEACHER; Julia Ofner knows the tools and methods. As transformation & communication COACH; she asks many inspiring questions and as cross-cultural CONSULTANT, Julia provides tips & tricks sharing her experience & know-how to motivate and inspire change to reach the stars and kick the goals. Everything is connected, so let´s connect the dots to become authentic leaders communicating with impact: Ready to empower yourself to conquer minds & hearts; hook your audience from their chairs.  


  • English language & voice coaching

  • Non-verbal communication 

  • Consciousness coaching

  • Cross-cultural remote communication 

  • Global speak-up culture & soft skills


Let us talk and share your needs in order to design a personalized solution for your

people, culture, and organization. 




  • Unblock Transformation Coaching

  • Global personal branding

  • Human transformation 

  • Global authentic leadership 

  • Peak business performance

  • Global organizational branding 

  • Transversal /x-functional team alignment

  • VUCCA change management 



  • Entrepreneur/ Investor / Sales pitch

  • Panel Conference presentation 

  • Keynote speech

  • TED talk

  • Roadmap presentation 

  • Problem-solving presentation 

  • Instructor presentation

  • Bold impact presentation

  • Success & talent Coaching 
    (CV, linkedIN, job interview, case studies)




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Hey, let us break the ice!
I am Julia, your GLOBAL PARTNER empowering your high-performance culture with high-quality personalized solutions. My mission is to skyrocket your global cross-cultural English speak-up culture and create more flow & agility in your employees, teams, and leaders communicating around the globe. Linguistic & strategic solutions will speed up your international business & workflow. Global leadership communication & transversal team alignment are my fields of expertise working with teams for more than 10 years. 

As cross-cultural multi-lingual English communication coach & neuro-philologist, strategic business consultant, and expert in the private/public health sector, I trigger change.  I am passionate about transforming people & organizations with my innovative holistic methodology & agile and lean global mindset focused on VUCCA change management, your success, and health. 

Holistic Business Coaching

In a one-to-one coaching I help you transform into a global communicator coding and decoding effective target & solution-oriented English messages to impact, inspire and connect. Our goal-driven & hands-on approach scales up your cross-cultural English communication to reach quick results in the most effective & sustainable way. Become an authentic leader, learn to communicate crystal clear, lead with coherency & competence, present with impact on stage or remotely, negotiate and influence with charisma. Hey, learn to motivate yourself and others to be the best and most authentic version, and no doubt you succeed. 

"Julia enables she/he leaders to
communicate & connect around the globe. 
Your global success is a journey:
Travel with the right solution!"


Insight Coaching on-site

By your side, for a business day: the most insightful way to meet you in action. My focus is on YOU communicating in your holistic business environment (system, people & tasks). Your impact feedback study will give us powerful insights into your verbal, emotional, and non-verbal behavior/blocks during your calls, meetings, job interviews, workshops, presentations, or just an informal coffee in the canteen. My honest feedback is an effective way to compare the difference between internal and external perception and is the baseline for my analysis, the kick-off for our holistic business coaching to scale up your business communication, performance, and impact.

Dear leader or HR, please note: Ideally, every business coaching remotely starts with"an insight coaching on-site".  

"Julia sees talent quickly. She connects the dots and is able to transform weaknesses, blocks, ticks to make you flow and communicate on a different level
in your business. 


Do you feel stuck or blocked? Transformation is at the core of authentic leadership communication. Without the awareness of our blocks and may a pattern review & change, we keep stuck in our development and success. transformH® is a multi-disciplinary new method to unblock and transform verbal, non-verbal, and emotional communication to develop your leadership communication step by step. 

"Growth & Transformation does not mean to change who you are. It is all about the unblocked courage to be who you are meant to be. Free your powerful voice and authentic self.

Global leadership communication Coaching

Leadership communication is a craftship, while global leadership is the mastership in business communication. Authenticity and spirituality are the best friends of a global leader who has to influence, impact and focus on global cross-functional & transversal alignment. A highly strategic and goal-driven journey giving supportive holistic training, linguistic coaching, and cross-cultural consulting to global leaders to perform high, communicate smartly and wisely, and stay happy and healthy. 

Great Leadership is defined by impact, influence & inspiration. Smart global leaders know the mastership of cross-cultural English communication driving their journey to success & comfort. 



The multi-lingual cross-cultural communication expert Julia Ofner crafted in cooperation with international coaches and neuroscientists an innovative & highly effective 360 method to trigger change in individuals and organizations to scale up business communication. 

Julia listens actively to your needs, heads up; off-the-shelf solutions are not her business. Julia´s innovative method unblocks and generates awareness, focus, comfort, alignment, and high performance in global communication and VUCCA environments.


Monica Prats 
Human Resources City Hall
Ajuntament Sant Cugat, Barcelona

Julia es una excelente comunicadora, transmite confianza y sabe guiar al alumnado para que cada persona saque lo mejor de sí misma. Con ella cualquier acción formativa o proceso de coaching se convierte en un éxito. Tiene iniciativa y creatividad, es una profesional increíble.  

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André Coelho
Key Account Director
IQVIA Spain, Barcelona

I had the chance to meet Julia in an important transition phase of my professional life. Julia positively contributed in this period by coaching and supporting me through my MBA application process. Back then, Julia facilitated my self-discovery process gaining more self-confidence. 

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Victoria Carrascosa
HR Director & Compliance
Globeducate /Agora, Barcelona

Es increíble cómo Julia ha podido aportar tanto. Me ha ayudado enormemente a focalizarme. Además he visto los progresos que ha logrado en el resto del grupo, dando a cada uno la seguridad y foco que tanto necesitaba. Ha sido una coach excelente, implicada y cercana. 

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