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Cross-cultural communication. leadership. Julia Ofner

Shaping globaLeaders

X-cultural Consultancy
Achieve excellence 

We are more than a Partner transforming cultures

X-Consultancy of Trust

We are your holistic global partner guiding & transforming you into an effective cross-cultural global player.
We offer you the most innovative  method within the framework of
x-cultural intelligence & solutions. 

Tailor-made Solutions 360

As architects of x-cultural solutions, we improve the communication, alignment, and performance of your diverse teams, people & culture. We design agile & lean journeys without borders that match your needs. 

Efficiency I Peak Performance

We aim for your global success. A diagnostic and holistic systemic trans-formative process drives our journeys together. We are change-makers and game-changers with global mind, heart & healthset. 

What we offer? 

Cross-cultural Consultancy

We support holistically people & organizations

Cross-cultural team alignment.Julia Ofner. transformation

X-cultural Communication Coaching & Training

We design English diverse speak-up cultures

Diverse Team Alignment
We bridge an inclusive culture of globaLeaders





X-Impact Method

Do you aim for efficiency, agility & peak performance? We offer fast results to align, communicate & perform globally?

Our methodology is more than a blueprint. We are transforming and impacting transversally on the whole system.
The people, culture, and organization gain flexibility; cross-cultural skills for your successful & safe global journey.

icon-unblock-ofner-impact-method (1)_edi

System Unblock 

We identify the blocks and gaps. With our global mindset we analyze and plan with big picture view. With coherent detail-focused attitude we prioritize & act.  

icon-focus-ofner-impact-method (1)_edite

Human Focus

We focus on the important. We care about the people and align with heartset. Together we develop tailor-made
lean, agile, fast solutions.

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Global Journey

Our unique holistic multi-dimensional systemic methodology guarantees
safety & impact. Your solution for
change management &
global success. 

Julia Ofner. founder of cross-cultural consultancy 360. global leadership communication.

Traveling a global journey without X-cultural skills
is like a car without wheels, impossible to drive. 

            With 25 years of excellence in human education & development,
                 we are your X-cultural GLOBAL PARTNER passionate about                                     transforming your people, culture, and organization. 

                                                           Julia Ofner

                         Expert in X-cultural communication for globaLeaders, Neuro-linguist, Founder


Monica Prats 
Human Resources, City Hall

Julia es una excelente comunicadora, transmite confianza y transforma las personas. Con ella cualquier acción formativa se convierte en un éxito. Tiene iniciativa y creatividad, es una profesional increíble.  

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André Coelho
Key Account Director, IQVIA 

Julia coached and supported me through my MBA application process & success journey. It is more,  Julia facilitated my self-discovery process gaining more self-confidence & impact communicating across borders & countries. 

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Victoria Carrascosa
HR Director, Globeducate /Agora

Me ha ayudado enormemente a focalizarme. Además he visto los progresos que ha logrado en el grupo, dando a cada uno la seguridad y foco que tanto necesitaba. Ha sido una coach excelente, implicada y cercana. 

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Contact Us

HUB Barcelona. Spain

Business Park, Sant Cugat del Valles

0034- 65 202 5 202 

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