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Entrepreneurship 2020: Impact communication, your path to success.

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Which communication skills are essential for entrepreneurs?

Investment hunting needs impact communication.

The toolbox of entrepreneurs

You are an entrepreneur taking the plunge, driven by success but stopped by communicative barriers? Whether you need to convince international investors or persuade customers to buy your product or service, giving presentations or pitching is part of your daily business. Impact communication & professional English skills, are a must-have most entrepreneurs still lack nowadays. International entrepreneurship is highly competitive and only the fittest communicators and most innovative minds will survive. Going beyond by elevating your communication, reinventing yourself in the sales flow with focus on clear objectives, are key for your success. The toolbox every entrepreneur needs, is filled up with skills essential for delivering strong pitches or presentations while networking or negotiating across borders.

Driven by success but stopped by communicative barriers?

Communication skills to master, success breeds success.


May the most important but unfortunately the most overlooked skill, is the talent to listen carefully. Our attention span and distractions from mobile phones or may our busy minds make us terrible listeners. To keep the focus on the speaker and then verbally recap the main messages, help to design pitches that work. People will remember you.


Our screens are getting smaller. The talent to be concise, agile communication is the trend.

As estimated, people spend just 8 sec focused on a matter, get coached when you are the person telling long stories nobody will listen to. When you are preparing the most important pitch for your potential investors, follow this structure but first cut down 50% of your content:

- What is the product/service or project about?

- Why should an investor spend money on your idea, what is the benefit?

- Who are you?

Though, your first sentence is key to success. Create impact in few words, make people listen to you, engage with them. Investors should remember you while creating trust and confidence. But as a general rule: "Under promise and over-deliver."Promising too much, talking too much can be contra-productive. "Under promise and over-deliver" means deliver beyond the expectations, do things better than expected, surprise.


90% of our communication is non-verbal. The awareness of how our face and body communicate guided by our emotions is absolutely essential when you want to impact your listener or audience. In fact, most people are not aware that many deals are made in the first 20 sec, hence the first impression is worth to work on before catching up with investors or clients.


Entrepreneurship is tough and very energy-consuming. In order to stay focused, healthy and in a positive mindset: eat high-quality food, walk & sleep enough, laugh a lot. Care about yourself as if you were the best employer on earth giving you the benefits you are dreaming of. Entrepreneurs tend to underestimate the emotional effort while overworking constantly.

Make a go of your communication and do not forget: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

No matter what your business is about, impact and pitching skills will be highly-needed. English language skills, clear and professional pronunciation together with comfort and security are the main tools of any entrepreneur doing business 2020. Note, your ability to perform an effective pitch to investors increases your chances of success, do not waste them.

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Idioms for entrepreneurs:

"To take the plunge": to do something, even though it is risky

"To make a go of it": to try your best to make something successful

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained": a phrase meaning that you have to take risk to win

"Success breeds success": achievement leads to greater achievement

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