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Ride the elevator, lift success! 60sec impact communication, the elevator pitch.

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

What is pitching and why do you need it?

Why is impact important?

Pitching, a highly effective tool in communication

Think about the last time you were asked: "Tell me about yourself?" Simple question, right.

Did you have a good answer for them? - I mean, a really good answer?

There are many situations when impact solutions are needed. A highly effective one is the elevator pitch. From meetings, congresses, sales fairs to job interviews, with the elevator pitch in your pocket you lift your self-esteem and become more effective. Pitching in English is a challenge and most people feel rather threatened, vomiting words instead of communicating with impact. Preparation is key, even experienced communicators continuously design tailor-made messages for selected audiences to create impact.

Pitching in English is a challenge and most people feel threatened, vomiting words instead of communicating with impact.

Definition, what is an elevator pitch

"The elevator pitch or speech is a professionally crafted presentation of people, projects or concepts communicated in the most persuasive and brief way to create impact."Elevator pitching is rather a craft than a talent. It is a tailor-made approach to get your message through that people understand, believe and trust in. The duration of speech should be no longer than a ride in an elevator (30 sec-2 min). When pitching to someone remember you want to create interest and make your audience remember you. It is not about closing the deal in 60sec- many people misunderstand the purpose of pitching. The attention catching 4 step-model loaded with ideas, comparisons and examples is presented in the AIDA-model (attention, interest, desire, action), the basis of the elevator pitch.

Elevator pitching is rather a craft than a talent.

Successful pitching, all about emotions

Connect emotionally with your audience, it is not just about facts and information. Define your USP (Unique Selling Point), what sets you apart from competitors, what is your plus value. Effective elevator pitches give clear answers to the following questions after defining your goal and target group using the right tone, vocabulary etc for transmitting your precise message:

What is the product/service or project?

What is its use to the buyer/user?

Who are you/ we?

Note, your first sentence is key of success. Create impact in few words, make people listen to you. People should remember you/ your words, creating trust and confidence.

Which questions should be answered by pitching?

A job interview, presentation or even an informal coffee in a bar, just the right moment for an elevator pitch. Here for you some example questions.

1. Tell me/ us about yourself?

2. Why should we hire you?

3. What are your strengths?

4. Would you please present yourself?

5. Hello, long time no see. What are you doing?

6. Would you please introduce yourself?

7. Why should we invest in your project?

8. What are the advantages of your product/ service?

LinkedIn, how to pitch to profile visitors

Powerful linkedIn summaries are pitching in less than 30 sec talent description and sales intention in appropriate word and tone catching the attention of the reader.

Keep it basic but appealing and authentic and answer the following questions: In a nutshell, what are you known for? What's your identity? How does your work help other people?

Which values do you bring to market?

Your pitch needs enough impact to be remembered and authentic communication skills to be trusted in.

No matter what your business is about, pitching will be part of it. The ability to perform an effective pitch to clients will increase engagement and profits, simply it will transform your communication skills to impact speech.

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In a nutshell, what are you known for?

Metaphorical expression meaning a "brief description" or "briefly"


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