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The impact of Covid19 on our communication. A future vision.

What has changed after Covid19?

Total reset, do we communicate differently?

Total RESET - tiempos locos

"Hold down the reset button until the system responds again"- system reset, every crisis impacts a new program, a new story. Covid19 has changed our lives forever. Nothing is the same, neither are we. The newest satellite images have a clear message for us: Smog free zones, less pollution on our greening & rebreathing planet. As humans provoke global warming, the virus provokes fever in humans. In the heat of the moment, Covid19 has something to say. Our deepest fears are triggered as well as transformation and growth. Meanwhile, a new communicative complexity is coming up, undeniable those who will speak this new language will be the heroes of tomorrow. Unwavering, there is no way back, we have to jump on the bandwagon of this global reset. Online meetings, conferences and webinars will be our daily business, English cross-cultural communication skills for optimized results remotely are a must-have. On the ball, agile messages, clear and authentic English communication facilitate this new impact of global online communication.

Don´t miss the boat

Actions speak louder than words. Isn´t it amazing that just in one week in quarantine, entrepreneurs quickly come up with new and creative solutions while facing this overwhelming situation? Yes, we are closed up, separated and scared but many of you are more creative than ever before. Here we are, all in the same boat, invited to invent ourselves fearlessly and focused. Fact is, life isn´t about finding ourselves, life is about creating ourselves. This is may the opportunity we are given. The ball is in the court, we have to play the game.

Covid 19 has canged our lives. Nothing is the same, neither are we?

Back to the drawing board: RESET

How has our communication changed?


We are all sitting in the same boat but each of us in different houses. Never before we have been so connected while being so apart from each other. Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, and Instagram are the most used tools providing intense conversations and human interactions. People get closer while they are physically separated, and may, superficial small talk has been replaced by real and authentic talk. Finally, people open up, talk about their fears and concerns. This new awareness of the importance of health, family, friends and personal growth triggers a completely new meaning in our lives. May the most positive aspect of this global crisis provoked in a few weeks' time.


Home office, the office at home, the 0-distance worker. Global meetings at mouse klick-distance. The new business reality is remotely from home, less distractions, increased productivity. Working from home dressed in pyjama trousers is just a stereotype, fact is, employees, work more efficiently than in offices. Covid19 has forced companies to home office which has not yet been established in many companies in Europe. Home office is the future trend of global business: time, money & effort saving. Less traveling and more online activity is definitely the most pollution friendly way of communication nowadays.


Webinars the solution in Covid19 crisis. In just a few days, trainers, teachers & coaches use this new platform to reach out to their students. Interactive live seminars conducted over the internet are also the most comfortable solution for communicating with big audiences. Viewers are invited to participate and they can submit questions and comments to interchange thoughts. Webinars are the classroom of tomorrow and a great solution while being locked in. Under normal conditions, face-to-face trainings win online classrooms as a direct contact with students and clients increases impact and triggers different results. Group work has also a different dynamic in real seminar rooms and more engagement is obtained.


Realistic but optimistic media communication is essential at times of crisis. The media communicates differently in different countries, fear is very often the main tool of communication to engage easily. Out of the Covid19 crisis, a self-reflecting attitude and an increased awareness of the impact of the media will be triggered in our population. Consequently, people will be more selective with the news and content they consume.


Covid19 triggers brain transformation. Our brain responds to Covid19 with an increased production of dopamine which functions as a neurotransmitter. Several dopamine pathways

play a major role in the motivational component of reward-motivated behavior. Leaving the comfort-zone grieving for new and creative solutions will shape our brain while building new dopamine streets to drive faster and better in the future.

Realistic but optimistic media communication is essential at times of crisis.


Every crisis brings along new heroes. Doctors, nurses, and all the professionals providing supportive medical measures to Covid19 patients in hospitals around the world- are my new heroes. A big thank you to you people working out there while we are protected in our homes comfortably and save. Further thank you to all the shop assistances and those guaranteeing food and pharmaceutical products in our shops.

Covid19 triggers the reevaluation of salaries and working conditions, 1.700€ is not an adequate salary for a doctor giving life for business. The bad conditions in Italian hospitals are not at all on European standards, it is high time that public money is invested to improve healthcare standards in the north and the south of this country. Now is the moment to reset values and reward professionals accordingly for the effort they make.

We need to be aware: "Tiempos locos ask for positive mindsets."Panic and stress weaken our system. A positive mindset is a DECISION. Decide for light in your life, your immune system will appreciate your effort. There is always a future to come.

Stay save, stay home!


"In the heat of the moment": overwhelmed of what is happening right now

"To jump on the bandwagon": to join the popular trend/activity

"On the ball": understanding the situation well

"Don't miss the boat": Don´t miss the chance

"The ball is in your court": it is up to you to take the next step/decision

"Back to the drawing board": to start all over again

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